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1. Request your quotation to pranee@rachaplathong.com at least 14 days ahead of shipment date. . . . Click here for more detail

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Certification of Aquaculture Standard Management
Practice of Ornamental fish farm for Exporting

Rachaplathong farm has been distributed on various beautiful pet fish for both wholesale and retail sales for more than 10 years by Mr. Somsak Keeratibunchorn, Honor consulting chairman of beautiful pet fish of Thailand who is the expert in beautiful fish breeding over 35 years.

We have 9 branches of shops serving you.

  • Branch 1 Head quarter Bang yai agricultural market place Tel. 0-2903-0712
  • Branch 2 Jatuchak Market Soi 13 Tel. 0-2903-1981
  • Branch 3 Bang yai city (besid Bang yai city village) Tel. 0-1987-7344
  • Branch 4 Bangplee km. 18 (Huacheaw university) Tel. 0-2740-6419
  • Branch 5 Bangbuathong Soi rungrueng 6 Tel. 01-566-3138
  • Branch 6 Soi Supapong (Muslim restaurant) Tel. 0-2398-9972
  • Branch 7 Sanamluang 2 Pudtamonthonsai 3 Tel. 0-2444-2198
  • Branch 8 Sanamluang 2 Pudtamonthonsai 3 Tel. 0-2421-7834
  • Branch 9 Taladram 2 Tel. 0-1831-2867

    Rachaplathong has bred Red Texas, Golden Trimacurus, Flower Horn from championship fishes which are imported from Malaysia. We choose only the best 1-2 types of fishes from each Malaysia farm to breed in our farm. We distribute beautiful pet fish for both wholesale and retail sales.

    You can ensure that every pet fishes from our farm is an original one, not buying from other places and distribute to the customers. Our farm can guarantee that every lives from our farm can be certified to origin.

    We have been serving customers for more than 10 years with our following 5'sB policy.

    Best Product
    All incoming Rachaplathong products are inspected to ensure the best quality. We have own fish tank manufacturer at Bangbuathong.

    Best Quality
    We are official distributors for imported products and accessories which are best quality and well known among professional breeders.
  • Official distributor for White crane nursery : Imported fish breeding accessories.
  • Official distributor for SC AQUARIUM : Fish Medicines
  • Official distributor for Suisaku : Filter products
  • Official distributor for Wisarnkit Co., Ltd. : Medicine and pet foods.
  • Official distributor for Bualuang Co., Ltd. : Medicine and pet foods.
  • Official distributor for Pet Heng Co., Ltd. : Medicine and pet foods.

    Best Price
    We sell all products and accessories at reasonable price.

    Best Service
    We have after-sale services;
  • Warranty for fish tank. Any problem, new replacement with worry-free.
  • Old fish tank repair service.
  • Wooden fish tank design.
  • Fish tank cleaning and decorating service.
  • Served by team experiencing more than 10 years.
  • Fish surgery service for Arowana, Arapaima or Big fishes.

    Best Counselor
  • Counselor service for all questions
  • Please contact Khun. Pranee at 02-903-0712 press 1

  • Rachaplathong Co., Ltd.
    83/1 Bangyai City Village, Talingchun-supunburi rd., T.Saothonghin,
    A.Bangyai, Nonthaburi 11140 Thailand.
    Tel. (662) 903-0712 Fax. (662) 903-1381 E-mail : pranee@rachaplathong.com

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