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Export Process
  • Request your quotation to pranee@rachaplathong.com at least 14 days ahead of shipment date. Provide us the following details :

    • Name of Destination Airport
    • Company (person's) name with street address, contact telephone numbers, fax numbers and email address.
    • Name of contact person who is responsible for this order and can be contacted in case of emergencies or urgent matters.
    • Telephone number, Fax number & email address of this contact person. Airline will call this person before any shipment is effected. We will contact this person - regarding shipment arrangements.
    • Flowerhorn fish Name, Size, Quantity, Desired date of delivery.

  • We will provide "Quotation" relating to your Order.

  • Upon quotation acceptance, Please make your advance payment to us.

  • The Flower Horn Fish will be kept and not fed for 48 hours prior to being packed for the flight.

  • The airline company will issue an air waybill. This acts as a receipt that the shipment of flower horn fish has boarded the airline.

  • We will immediately fax you the air waybill to confirm that the fish has boarded that particular flight.

  • Upon arrival to the destination city, you can obtain the original air waybill from the air cargo office of that particular airline.

  • Proceed to the customs / clearance to claim your shipment. In most countries, the fish will be inspected by a Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Game, Animal Health Arm, Animal Quarantine, or other relevant authority. For US customers, please contact your nearest US Fish and Wildlife Service Office.

  • Take the fish home.

Our pre-packing preparation involved 24-48 hours of observation, starvation, temperature control, etc. prior to export. In the packing preparation the quality conditions of fish are again checked and screened for size uniformity. Oxygenation into plastic bag is done in the right proportion with the volume of water that is ideal for the flowerhorn fish. Shipment of fish is packed in plastic bag of PE type layered with another plastic bag and rubber sealed. It is then placed in a Styrofoam container and finally into a shipping cardboard box.

The box is 60 x 45 x 30 cm. (23.6 x 17.7 x 11.8 in) The average weight per box (packed) is about 10 - 13 Kg depending on packing density. This packing will ensure fishes arrive in good condition.

Packing Cost and Charges
All the prices quoted here are based on US Dollar (USD) F.O.B Bangkok International Airport (located in Bangkok, Thailand), excluding packing costs, freight costs & export documentation costs.

Delivery lead time
A minimum of 4 working days after full payment received is required to allow time for checking the health condition of the fish, conditioning the fish for export and various export documentation. Shipment time subject to availability of air cargo space for the destination required.

Buyer must specify at point of purchase what documents are required to avoid delay in shipment. Health Certificate will be furnished upon request and the documentation charges included in the invoice.

Guarantee & Claim
In case of higher DOA (death on arrival), buyer is responsible to report to the carrier immediately during clearance at airport. Bad shipment/Discrepancies forms must be properly completed and submitted to the relevant authorities and a copy forwarded to us for our verification. Pictures of dead fishes must be sent to us immediately. Compensation, if any, will be limited to replacement of dead fish during the next shipment. In the event of loss due to flight delays or/ mishandling by airline, claims should be lodged directly to the airline concerned. Buyers are requested to keep us informed.

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