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About Flowerhorn

Flowerhorn fish has gained popularity throughout the region of South East Asia in the last two years. It is reformed by the latest scientific and artificial technology from yearly experiences to perform as a high-end aquarium species. They have the most beautiful figures attracting the aquarium hobbyist. It is set to be an internationally known fish which could be compared with arowana fish. Flowerhorn fish is very hardy because they can endure all water conditions, which are not suitable for most breeds of aquarium fish. To date, a lot of better quality Flowerhorn fishes have been bred due to the intensified eagerness of breeders to produce the best quality fish. They are very active and curious in nature. The Flowerhorn species can establish close relationship with their breeder in just a short time if the breeder feeds the fish personally and treat them like a pet. They can be very tame and playful too.

As Flower Horn is from the South American Cichlid family, this fish is very territorial. Thus, they are very aggressive in nature. Co-existing with other fish is not advisable, especially smaller fish. Some parties have claimed that we can "play" with the Flower Horn. In actual fact, Flower Horn is actually trying to get rid of the "intruder" (be it a stick or a person's hand). Therefore, it is advisable that we keep our hands to ourselves as the fish has quite a nasty bite depending on the size of the fish.


Raising Flowerhorn

  • What is the most ideal pH level required ?

    The ideal pH water should be around pH 7 to pH 7.8

  • Why does the protruding forehead of my fish shrink after each water change ?

    It is a normal reaction to the changes of the water quality. The fish will recovery in a couple of days.

  • Why is the forehead of my fish small ?

    Please check on the pH level of the water. Check the sex of the fish. Might be this particular breed does not have a big protruding forehead.

  • Why is the color of my flower horn dull ?

    Check the pH level of the water. Might be that breed does not produce striking colors.

  • How can I notice fish's sickness ?

    The fish will have no appetite. The fish has a pale color or a very dark color. Being inactive.

  • Are there any preventive measures to ensure that the fish is healthy ?

    Check the quality of food which should not be contaminated. Ensure the water temperature and water quality is optimal. Or change the aquarium water.

  • Do we need to keep the aquarium lighted the whole time ?

    Better to turn off at night for fish's resting.

  • Will the fish die if it is not fed for two to three days ?

    No the fish will lasts for week without feeding. Just ensure that the water quality is good.

  • Why does the fish jump ?

    The fish might try to catch the flying insects. The water quality in the aquarium might not suitable.

  • What is the most ideal water temperature ?

    Should be around 27 C to 32C.

  • Why does my newly bought fish not lively and very timid ?

    It is normal. It will be back to its aggressive for a few weeks. Feed the fish sparingly.

  • What is the suitable fish food ?

    100 % natural with high protein at least twice a day. No "live feed" which might cause disease.

  • How can I differentiate the sex of this fish ?

    Look at the anal pore of the fish. The male fish has a V-shaped anal pore. As for the female, it will have a U - shaped anal pore. (precise when 4 inches in length)

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